Rita Bush, RD, CDE

Certified Diabetes Educator 

Diabetes touches the lives of many families, including my own: working as a coach for Fit4D is a great way to share experiences and knowledge to improve the outlook of many affected by diabetes. By offering support and empowerment, people can meet their goals!

Rita Bush is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator.  She holds a Master of Science in nutrition from New York Medical College in Valhalla, NY.  Her resume accounts for over 30 years of health care experience that includes 22+ years with the Department of Veterans Affairs serving the nations veterans in an array of areas, and significant focus on weight management, diabetes and most recently in a comprehensive multidisciplinary Home Based Primary Care program.  She has served with several organizations providing counseling to women with gestational diabetes, and has volunteered on several medical mission trips abroad providing diabetes screening and counseling in challenging conditions.

Along with her husband, a PWD, Rita operates a seasonal road-side vegetable stand, and offers farm shares through a Community Supported Agriculture model. She enthusiastically encourages people to seek out whole foods that are minimally processed and to increasingly adjust their meal plans for their inclusion. Participant feedback is overwhelmingly positive and future efforts will focus on providing recipes and meal ideas that support healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

“I enjoy working in concert with people with diabetes to effect positive changes in their health, through shared responsibility and realistic goal setting.  The fit4D program offers tailored patient support to help achieve meaningful results. I am all about that!”