David R. talks about how coaching helped him lose 25 lbs and reduce his A1C from 14 to 7




proven OUTCOMEs for PHARMA/medical device



Patient engagement

Fit4D engages on average 25-40% of patients received vs. industry standard of 15-20%


“I’m so glad you called. I cried when I got my last A1C and it was 12. I literally cried. My A1C used to be in the 7s and I’m really frustrated and want to get it back down.”
“I’m so happy that you called… now that I’m back on [track] my blood sugars are incredible and I’m feeling better with more energy!“
“I’m so glad to have this opportunity and a company that offers something like this to help their customers! No one does this.“
“This sounds like a really great program and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been personally struggling to get my diabetes under control again for the past year.