Proven Outcomes:

Fit4D's scalable counseling program lowers costs while providing expert support toward adherence and brand loyalty

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improved adherence and Brand loyalty

46% of physicians expect drugmakers to provide beyond-the-pill services, and 34% have used a beyond-the-pill service from a pharma company. 

The Personalized Fit4D Pathways are customized to the purpose and plan of your brand's needs delivering measurable engagement and improved adherence while differentiating yourself from the competition. 

We work with you to bridge the gap between your brand's products with your diabetes patient community to ensure lasting loyalty, communication and adherence.

We can embed and integrate the Fit4D solution into your branded patient program. 

How It Works

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  • Target patients at initial diagnosis or medication/device changes, and help them overcome barriers in the critical first months
  • Customize interventions for specific programs and patient segments
  • Fit4D uses targeted content, adapted to your brand and in compliance with medical and legal guidelines, to engage your community and guide patients along every step of their diabetes journey
  • Intelligent scripting algorithms enable expert diabetes educators to increase their capacity to deliver personalized care by 5x
  • Instead of building this on your own, partner with Fit4D and you can be live within 4 months 
  • Enrollment can take place across multiple channels, direct to patient, HCP or managed markets 
  • Measured adherence and detailed patient analytics, providing you with data on barriers to adherence and how scalable CDEs are improving adherence
  • Proven, results based, Fit4D is prepared to put a portion of its fees at risk based on performance

“Fit4D creates meaningful patient experiences for our patients and it’s a win-win for everyone. Patients are engaged and healthier with their personal certified diabetes educator supporting them to take their medication as prescribed, and providers and payers benefit from value based services.
— Pharmaceutical Client

Helping Patients Every Day

    Gloria was scared of self-injecting, so we helped her overcome her fear to inject daily as prescribed.

    Victor's doctor didn't have time to answer his questions about his new prescription, but we did.

    Kim was in denial of her new diagnosis, but we eased her fears and set her up on a plan for success.

    “Thank you for checking. I am impressed that you all do this. I think it is a wonderful service. Thank you for your time!”
    “This is great information. Nothing frustrates me more than some company that only has online communication. I want to actually have a conversation with someone.”
    “All our conversations so far have answered all of my questions. It’s a good follow up and the reinsurance is good.”

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