Proven Outcomes: 

Fit4D's Scalable Self-Management Coaching Program Lowers Costs While Providing Expert Support Improving Member Health

improved health outcomes for your members

With unprecedented access to Fit4D personalized coaching services, you can improve chronic disease population health, increase member engagement, and reduce long-term care costs. The result? Member health improvements that impact your 2017 quality and performance ratings!


  • Afforablexpert educators helping to close gaps in care and complementing existing programs
  • Personalized support addressing barriers (e.g., overwhelmed, lack of education, etc.)
  • Multi-channel interactions in patient-preferred modalities (e.g., phone, email, text, web, etc.) at times convenient to the patient
  • Data-driven approach to improving health measures
  • Proven, performance-based

How it works 

reference Clients


Member Experiences

David R. a participant in the Fit4D coaching program, talks about his experience with his certified diabetes educator, Nanette. 

Barry is a busy farmer in Nebraska who lives far from his provider. We fit into his schedule to answer his questions.

Maria wasn't taking her medication, checking blood sugar, or seeing a doctor. Our bilingual certified diabetes educator got her to the clinic and she is now taking her diabetes medication and self-monitoring her glucose. 

Barbara was only taking her insulin when her nurse visited twice a week. We helped her overcome her fear to inject daily as prescribed. 

I have many questions about what to eat. Right now I see an “American nutritionist” in the clinic but it is so much easier to understand and to speak to you in Spanish.
I’m happy you called because I just can’t seem to manage my blood sugar.
I feel like I’ve learned more from you than from the doctors who take care of me. In my 20 years of having diabetes, no one has ever, ever, told me my blood sugar after my meal should be under 180.

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