Personalized Fit4D Pathways©

We build trusted relationships with customers, strengthening brand loyalty.


The Personalized Fit4D Pathways© increase adherence to therapy and improve health outcomes on a large scale without losing the personalized human connection. Utilizing an online portal the Personalized Fit4D Pathways© guide the person with diabetes, family member, or caregiver to the care and support most applicable to them. This is the key to continual engagement. The Fit4D team has the professional and personal experience to achieve results in improving the health and wellness of people living with diabetes. It is our passion and purpose for being.


The Personalized Fit4D Pathways© are customized to adhere to the purpose and plan of your brand’s needs.  We work with you to bridge the gap between your brand’s products with your diabetes patient community to ensure lasting loyalty, communication and adherence.

Accelerated Support

When someone in your community strays from their program, we are there with a phone call to give them the personalized help they need to get back on track. The Personalized Fit4D Pathways© monitors this every step of the way. Our technology keeps real time data on where an individual is on their journey for optimal support.


The Personalized Fit4D Pathways© accommodates hundreds of patient profiles and allows us to reach diabetes patients around the world simultaneously without losing the personalization. We pride ourselves in our ability to use our innovative technology to ensure adherence on the largest scale.

Interactive Community

The Personalized Fit4D Pathways© engages your community by guiding individuals through a multi-faceted approach that includes live events, customized content materials and certified diabetes coaching. This integration is the most comprehensive and powerful approach to ensuring adherence to your brand and achieving results.