Paige Katzenstein RDN,CDE

Certified Diabetes Educator 

Being part of the Fit4D team enables me to build trust and connections with patients leading to better patient confidence and adherence to their treatment plan. I am excited to improve the lives of our patients one day at a time

Paige Katzenstein is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator. She is fluent in Spanish. Paige has 18 years of experience working in various settings. Most recently, she has worked as a Certified Diabetes Educator in industry educating patients with diabetes on device training and diabetes self-management skills. She spent over 10 years in a multicultural hospital outpatient setting providing nutrition and diabetes education in both individual and group settings. She enjoys working with adults and children. Paige’s goals for her patients are: to listen well, meet the patient where they are on their diabetes journey, and help them to improve their diabetes for the long term.