Megan Moran, RD, CDE, CD-N

Certified Diabetes Educator

Diabetes is a disease that allows patients to be in the driver seat. The
advances in research, education and technology allows this to happen. I find
passion in helping patients determine their personal goals and help them with
adherence utilizing the team approach through Fit4D.
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Megan Moran is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator. She has over fifteen years of experience working with diabetes, weight management, and lifestyle modification. She has worked in many different capacities throughout her career such as a research dietitian/health educator, a diabetes educator at a major university hospital, and a diabetes educator specializing in insulin pump management and continuous glucose monitoring.

Megan has also spent time volunteering at summer camps for children living with Type 1 diabetes and working closely with families of individuals who were recently diagnosed with the disease. Megan’s goal is to inspire and motivate individuals to make long term changes to their health. She is passionate about having people play a key role in determining their lifestyle goals and very excited to be part of the Fit4D team!