Kirsten Angell RD, lD, CDE

Certified Diabetes Educator

As a CDE I’m qualified to assist PWD in all areas of diabetes management, but as an RD, LD, I am aware that eating with diabetes is often the biggest challenge PWD experience. I have a passion for working with PWD to help them understand everyone should eat like they have diabetes and eating with diabetes doesn’t have to be prohibitive and can even be enjoyable. Through nutrition education and all other areas of client-centered diabetes education and management, I want to help PWD have the confidence to believe they can experience the fullness of life they deserve.
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Kirsten Angell, registered and licensed dietitian (RD, LD) and certified diabetes educator (CDE), comes from a varied background of professions but since becoming a dietitian and diabetes educator, Kirsten has worked in the clinical and community settings providing nutrition and diabetes education and coaching in a wide variety of areas of dietetics, diabetes, and health and wellness. She is also an insulin pump trainer and a certified group fitness instructor.

Kirsten has many success stories, but one that stands out in her mind is being able to help an individual on multiple daily insulin injections experiencing frequent low blood sugars be able to coordinate meal/snack schedule timing and amounts with insulin injection adjustments so that the individual now experiences few to no low blood sugars.

Kirsten's goal is to help people with diabetes (PWD) understand they aren't alone in their diabetes management efforts.