Kelly Gumpel, RD, CDE

Certified Diabetes Educator 

I have always been passionate about education and support –if you’ve never been taught how to make changes, how can you expect to be successful? I am pleased to be working with Fit4D to provide people with the tools they need to make feeling better and finding balance a reality.
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Kelly Gumpel is a registered dietitian (RD) and certified diabetes educator (CDE).  She completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition from Missouri State University and completed her dietetic internship at Saint Louis University. During Kelly’s time as an RD, she has solidified a diverse foundation in areas of dietetics including cardiovascular disease, renal disease, tube feedings, eating disorders, weight management, community health, diabetes research, and diabetes care. 

Kelly has had type 1 diabetes for over 30 years and feels strongly that compassion, time, and education are necessary for helping people who have diabetes be successful in managing their condition. As a diabetes educator she particularly enjoys working with people with type 2 diabetes by helping to optimize their understanding and empower them to navigate through life’s challenges.