Our History

Fit4D started as a result of the frustrations that many of the people who are diagnosed with diabetes feel. David Weingard, Fit4D Founder and CEO, was sitting in front of his physician with the weight of the world on his shoulders in the form of a new diagnosis of diabetes. Up to that point, David had been actively training for a grueling survival race consisting of cycling, swimming and running… now he thought his hopes of crossing that finish line, just weeks away, were dashed. But David chose not to let the diagnosis of diabetes get in his way for very long. He had a new “survival training” agenda in the form of learning as much as he could about diabetes – testing blood sugars, taking insulin, carbohydrate counting, nutrition, fitness and so much more.

Before long David took diabetes self-management training to the next level. He made the decision to train for an Ironman race with the goal of helping the diabetes community by raising funds for the JDRF. It was in this process of searching for diabetes specialists who could help him learn to optimally manage his goals with diabetes, that the concept of Fit4D (formerly Fitness4Diabetics) was born.

Making a difference

Fit4D, under the guidance of David, attracted a team of exceptional diabetes professionals from across the US, each with a passion for empowering the lives of people with diabetes. In October 2006, Fit4D began coaching their first group of clients. Each of those clients reached milestones of their own – some reached personal weight loss goals, saw lower A1C’s, improved blood sugars, started a fitness program that they’ve stuck with, some even completed their own endurance races – despite and because of diabetes! Today Fit4D has touched the lives of millions of people with diabetes via personalized coaching, web-based education, classes, and more. Some of our partners include with JDRF, ADA, and industry leaders as Bayer, GSK, Humana and Weight Watchers.

Reaching far with a human touch

In 2012 Fit4D launched the Personalized Fit4D Pathways©, an innovative way to increase adherence to therapy and improve health outcomes on a large scale without losing the personalized human connection.   Fit4D looks forward to continuing to make history by positively impacting lives in the diabetes community! Be a part of our history and make your own by working with the Fit4D team!