Elise Swenson, RPh, MS, MAOM, CDE

Certified Diabetes Educator 

Being a Fit4D Coach allows me to spend as much time as necessary in talking with the patients. Without time constraints, I am able to really find out what the patient is asking and hopefully provide answers and help.
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Elise has been a pharmacist for over 30 years, having spent most of her career in community pharmacies. She earned her Certified Diabetes Educator certificate in 2000 and at that time was one of only three pharmacists to have that certification in the State of Utah.  She is preceptor to College of Pharmacy students (University of Utah College of Pharmacy and Roseman College), and students at several Pharmacy Technician schools in the area.  Her emphasis is education of students in overall diabetes knowledge and the importance of providing patients with diabetes self-management skills.

Elise has been a volunteer for FCYD Camp UTADA since 1982.  FCYD Camp UTADA is a non-profit, totally volunteer camp for children with diabetes.  The Camp serves over 600 children and their families each year through year-round resident camps, winter camp weekends, family camps, and day camps.  She is responsible for medical, dietary, pharmacy services, and education programs at each camp session.  In addition, she coordinates the professional students’ (Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy and Dietetics) course work and their participation in camp sessions.

Having worked in many areas of pharmacy, her favorite and most rewarding aspect is direct communication with patients.  With the changes in healthcare standards, insurance, mail-order pharmacy services and industry practices, having the time to provide one-on-one counseling as well as fully assess and explore each patient’s particular needs, is increasingly more difficult.  To be a Fit4D Coach provides her an opportunity to help fill this gap in patient-clinician communication.

Elise believes Fit4D puts the patient as the central focus of health care, as it should be.  With Fit4D’s progressive and varied technology services, and Fit4D’s mission and goals, each patient can have an individualized approach to their diabetes self-management based on their specific issues, concerns, and life-styles. Elise is excited to be a part of this innovative, compassionate, and forward-thinking group.