Dr. Charles Cutler


I am passionate about Fit4D because of their ability to engage people to successfully learn about and manage their care. This complements and supports the physicians’ role in developing a treatment plan in a very expert, efficient, and effective way. The best outcomes, both physical and psychological, occur when the people with chronic illness understand their condition and how best to manage it.

Dr. Cutler has served as a senior executive in a diverse group of health care organizations.  These include multiple corporate leadership roles at Aetna, one of the largest national health plans; as chief medical officer of AHIP, the national association of health plans; as national vice president of Prudential Health Care; as Chief Medical Officer of Magellan Complete Care developing programs for Medicaid beneficiaries with serious mental illness and physical health problems; and as a practicing physician and medical director of a large, multispecialty staff model HMO.  He has extensive experience in all phases of health care operations, health plan benefit design and administration, marketing, sales, health care policy, pharmacy and therapeutics, and managing relationships between health plans, employers, regulators, physicians, physician organizations and other health care constituencies.