We guide your patients to the right content, when they need it, on their diabetes journey.

The Personalized Fit4D Pathways© uses targeted content, adapted to your brand and in compliance with medical and legal guidelines, to engage your community and guide patients along every step of their diabetes journey.   Formats span across media, both written content and video and other illustrative examples are included here.




Brochures, articles, and other printed and web-based materials on topics of interest to diabetes patients.

  • We work with you to decide on topics most meaningful to your patients.
  • We incorporate your company’s preferred tone and product messaging.
  • We can work with your company’s design team or create materials in-house.
  • We integrate relevant clinical topics across nutrition, fitness and wellness.



We script, shoot, and provide Certified Diabetes Educators for digital videos. A video can be the ideal format to provide patients with tips, motivate and educate them on how to use other benefits of your unique Fit4D program.

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E-Learning Courses

Our courses are highly interactive and fully customizable based on the topics that people living with diabetes are looking for.

  • We can build an entire course, segmented into chapters, that teaches people about diabetes management.
  • Options to test users’ knowledge before and/or after the course to see how much they’ve retained.
  • Courses are hosted online and can be available for reference at any time.
  • E-learning courses can integrate audio, videos, Flash, quizzes, surveys, and other elements to make learning fun and productive.


Audio Downloads and Podcasts

Our digital audio solutions put expert commentary directly in the ears of your patients and give them the flexibility to learn in a variety of locations – at their desk, while exercising, in the car, while traveling – wherever they’re most comfortable.

  • Audio files can include education, role-playing, Q&A, and discussion about diabetes topics from one or multiple speakers.
  • People can download the files to their computers or MP3 players and listen when convenient for them.
  • We can put on a podcast – a regularly-scheduled audio series – each with a new topic to improve diabetes management.








Your blog is a great way for patients to learn about diabetes management, get answers to their questions, and interact with others in the diabetes blogging world. The Fit4D blog has examples of the type of content we can create for your community.

  • Written by experts for consumers, with a focus on practical tips and plain-language explanations of complicated concepts.
  • Content can be tailored to include topics of concern to your patients.
  • Comments are moderated and responded to quickly to help create a community feel.
  • The Fit4D blog has a Research Corner feature, where we interpret a high-level study and help individuals determine how it applies to their lives and how they should respond, for example how a dietary study might help them to improve glucose management.


Social Media

Social media has become a primary avenue where patients with just about any disease interact online. It also allows them to interact with brands – like Fit4D – that provide frequently updated content they can read and respond to.

  • The Fit4D Facebook page features daily posts from Certified Diabetes Educators. We share current news, and members share stories and tips with each other.