Proactive, Expert Human Support


422 million people in the world have diabetes, a serious and costly disease. Personalized, one-on-one support with a diabetes clinical expert is the only way to really manage it. 

We believe that everyone deserves a Certified Diabetes Educator.

That’s why we enable health plans and pharmaceutical companies to provide diabetes patients with high-value, high-touch clinical coaching support that is both scalable and affordable. 

Fit4D is about- 
Humans connecting with humans. 
Building trust.
Overcoming fear.
Motivating change. 
Celebrating victories.

Optimizing the Mix Between Humans & Technology

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Expert Educators

With our national network of Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs), the largest in the country, we provide best in class, specialized, diabetes education and care.

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Technology Improves Access

Through leveraging technology, we increase patient access to personalized, 1:1 support, so that our customers can provide high-value clinical support at scale, and greater numbers of people living with diabetes can better manage their condition.

Managing Diabetes is a Never-Ending Race. We Can Help You Win.

Through our proactive, results-driven and human-centered approach, we reach at risk patients with poorly-controlled diabetes, many who otherwise would not seek education on their own. We drive patient engagement by forming personal connections that bring about effective two-way communication and trust. Our coaches provide emotional support, break through barriers and build confidence in self-management.

We help change the way patients experience diabetes, so that they can live healthier lives and thrive. 


Improve Outcomes & Reduce Your Cost of Care

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MOTIVATE Behavior Change

Adherence to diabetes medications and care plans is tough for even the most committed patients. We hone in on each individual to break through specific adherence barriers and motivate healthy habits.

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Close Gaps in Care

Complications from diabetes create risk for patients and providers. Our coaches reinforce the importance of diabetes screenings and compliance with care plans, so providers can deliver better care.

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Empower Self-Management

Each person receives support by an assigned Certified Diabetes Educator who teaches them how to manage and monitor their diabetes. By establishing trust and accountability, we set each patient up for continued success.

How We're Different


Improving the health of diabetes patients is our #1 priority. Our coaches are Certified Diabetes Educators who are experts on the various aspects of the disease including diabetes medications, devices, and the latest industry guidelines.


Proactive Outreach

We don't wait for patients to call us and we intervene early to catch problems before they arise. Fit4D provides the benefit of proactive clinical care to connect with hard-to-reach populations. Like detectives, our CDEs uncover hidden risks and help patients set goals, motivating healthy behaviors along the way. 


EXpert, Personalized Support At Scale

In-person, one-on-one support with a Certified Diabetes Educator has been effective on the individual level, but is expensive and difficult to scale in order to reach the vast population in need. Fit4D leverages technology to scale this specialized one-on-one support. 


We Keep it Simple. 

Through the use of everyday technology, we make coaching sessions easy for patients. We meet patients where they are with flexible scheduling and coaching in various languages, resulting in an overall more effective and satisfying patient experience.

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No complicated apps and data for patients to track.  
Only easy to use, convenient technology to engage patients and drive measurable results

No fad diets or complicated calorie counting.
Only simple, effective strategies and tools to help patients make the right choices and adopt the right behaviors.

Hear from Patients & Customers

Joseph talks about losing 30 lbs and controlling his blood sugar with the help of his Fit4D coach, Nicole.

David talks about losing 25 pounds and improving his A1C from 14 to 7 with support from his Fit4D coach, Nanette.

Acacia Network CMO, Dr. Collymore talks about partnering with Fit4D to empower diabetes patients.

Featured Blogs by our Clinical Experts

Reference Clients

Award-Winning Business and Social Mission (update the awards from investor deck)

We lead with honest values and a drive to change the world. As a result, we've received numerous awards ranging from innovation to compassion care awards. 


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