My Experience Helping Fellow Latinos Manage Diabetes

It's essential to understand a person's cultural values when coaching them through lifestyle changes toward diabetes self-management. Carmelita Jimenez RN, BSN, CDE talks about her experiences working with fellow Latinos.

Diabetes Is Not Just About Your Blood Sugar Level

Managing diabetes is about keeping your whole body healthy. Jane Abbey, RN, CDE, gives advice for staying healthy and preventing complications using the AADE7 Self Care Behaviors framework.

The Neuroscience of Behavior Change

Helping patients change behaviors requires an understanding of how the brain forms new habits. Julie Hani, RN, BSN, BA, CDE, explains how the neuroscience of behavior change works. 

Successfully Leveraging Digital Health and Personalized Support to Deliver Outcomes for Diabetes Patients

Read about how Fit4D and Glooko are partnering to deliver highly personalized, data-driven coaching to patients and care providers.

What are the AADE7 Self-Care Behaviors?

Annie Fanberg, RD, CDE, explains the AADE7, the seven most important components to diabetes self-care management.