About our Blog 

Diabetes is complicated for patients and the healthcare system. 

For those living with diabetes, checking blood sugar multiple times a day, juggling multiple medications, counting carbohydrates and managing exercise levels, can be challenging. 

For those active in healthcare management, improving patient adherence and the patient experience can be challenging. In turn, the patient's struggle to adhere to their care plan can lead to poor health, increased healthcare utilization and hospital admissions, poor quality measures, and higher costs. 

Here at Fit4D, we understand just how complex diabetes is. When our Founder and CEO, David Weingard, first started this company, the mission was simple – help improve the lives of those with diabetes

Flash forward a few years and Fit4D has helped improve the lives of tens of thousands of patients across the country. By using our innovative technology platform, we are able to get patients the answers and help they need directly from some of the world’s most well-trained Certified Diabetes Educators.

Enter our Fit4D Blog – an opportunity to hear directly from our expert clinicians and entrepreneurs.

If you have suggestions, comments, questions, drop us a line at info@fit4d.com – we would love to hear from you!