Proven Outcomes: 

Fit4D's Scalable Counseling Program Lowers Costs and saves provider time While Providing Expert Support Toward Adherence


Improved Health Outcomes For Your Patients in your Accountable Care Organization (ACO)

Extend valuable time and care to high risk patients beyond the traditional health care setting without increasing appointment and physician time. Keep your patient population adherent to physician directives and prescriptions through measurable engagement. Raise Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) scores while saving money and improving health outcomes for high risk uncontrolled diabetes pool. 


  • Expert educators scaled to engage 500 patient caseload
  • Data-driven approach to improving health measures
  • Personalized support addressed barriers (e.g., overwhelmed, lack of education, etc.)
  • Multi-channel interactions in patient-preferred modalities (e.g., phone, email, text, web, etc.)
  • Proven, performance-based
  • Supports 2016 quality measures
  • Makes it easier for MDs to do their jobs

How it works

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Reference Clients 


Patient Experiences

Barry is a busy farmer in Nebraska who lives far from his provider. We fit into his schedule to answer his questions.




Christina was having pain in her toes, but was afraid that her toe would be amputated if she saw her doctor. We educated her on proper foot care and got her to the doctor immediately.

Ethan was overwhelmed and he was not taking his medication or monitoring his blood sugar. We helped him to take his medication and lose 20 pounds through dietary changes.




When I know somebody is going to watch me, I want to do something and then come back with something positive. I appreciate that very much!
It made me realize some of the things I should have known all along and just didn’t or it just didn’t click that it was that important.
It really has helped just in having some of it explained more in layman terms that I understand better and how different things react with other things.