Cami Morgan, RDN, CDE

Certified Diabetes Educator 

I enjoy working for Fit4D because I am able to offer diabetes education to a greater number of patients in different parts of the country. It is truly an innovative way to help people understand and manage their diabetes.

Cami Morgan is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator.  Cami has experience with weight management, chronic kidney disease and dialysis. She has worked with a diverse population of patients in rural areas as a dietitian for Americorps and inner-city dialysis clinics. Cami has also worked with patients on insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring. She enjoys her work everyday and it is not only her profession, but it is also her passion.

Cami’s goal is to help as many patients as she can and, with Fit4D, she has a greater opportunity to do that.  She feels that diabetes education is about the whole person and how to best reach patients on their level, wherever it may be that they are starting from.

“I feel that I am at times not just helping one person with diabetes but also their family, friends and support system to better understand this condition and what they may need to succeed.  And that can have a ripple effect for all involved.”